In order for Crabgrass Killer powder to work, the product must be activated. The best time to use this product is the morning, when there is still a fresh layer of dew on the grass. If you want to apply the weed killer during the afternoon, you can apply the treatment after watering the lawn. This crab grass control is guaranteed to work as long as you follow the instructions on the bottle.

Crab Grass Killer by The Crabgrass Alert Company - we don't expect our customers to be lawn-care experts. We sell Crabgrass Killer because everyone can use it. This product has a self-indicator that lets people know when it has been activated. Once the powder turns yellow, it has begun killing your weeds.

If it does not turn yellow immediately, you can dampen the surface using a spray bottle or hose, as long as you do not wash the powder away. Check the weather forecast before treating weeds with our product. Hold off on the treatment if persistent, heavy rains are expected during the next few days.

A downpour within 48 hours can wash the product into the soil. The reason the weed killer should remain undisturbed is that it is absorbed through the leaves of the crabgrass, not the roots. After Crabgrass Killer remains on the crabgrass for three to five days, the weeds will perish, and the nearby grass will remain healthy.

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