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Golf course managers, superintendents, and groundskeepers
all spend considerable time determining which commercial weed killers they should use for the upcoming season. Their plan of attack on unwanted growth is based on experience, monetary resources, and the weather. Many businesses change their choices from year to year, often when they did not get the results they wanted the previous season.

A common question is that of how much money should be spent on pre-emergent commercial weed killers. The optimal result for any groundskeeper is to prevent weeds from growing in the first place. However, from years of experience, everyone in the landscaping business knows complete prevention of weed growth is rarely possible. Why squander the entire weed-control budget on herbicides that will not kill all of the weeds?

Some businesses have had such negative experiences with pre-emergent commercial weed killers that they rely entirely on post-emergent herbicides. As the groundsworkers spot weeds, they use commercial weed killers on the unwanted growth. Many landscapers who have adopted this strategy report superior results with post-emergent treatments. They also say they spent less money.

Commercial Weed Killers by The Crabgrass Alert Company - Crabgrass Killer, available here at The Crabgrass Alert Company, works on several of the most common types of weeds found on home lawns, golf courses, and expansive park grounds. In addition to homeowners, many commercial groundskeepers use this product to keep acres of grass uniform, colorful, and free of weeds. Whether or not you have used a pre-emergent herbicide, this potent weed killer will come in handy during the spring and summer.

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